How To Save Money On Landscaping Your New Yard

Over this past summer my wife and I had to landscape our entire yard, all 20,000 square feet of it. This was our first time doing anything like this because we purchased a brand new house and none of the yard was landscaped. Most builders of new houses will leave the entire yard for the new home owners. In some locations the builder is required to at least landscape the front yard, but in our location nothing was required. This became a huge project and we knew it going into it.

Landscaping an entire yard can be expensive. The bids from different landscapers will also come at a shock. We called many landscaping companies and while some actually took the time to come to our house, others gave us a ‘free’ quote over the phone. Those phone quotes, guess how much more they came in at? I wonder how they ever get business! Our first two quotes came in at $12,500 and $13,900 respectively. That is without them come to our house. I am glad they stayed away. That puts us at a price of about $0.625 cents per square foot. The landscaping companies said that the price paid for everything, all of the dirt, seed and labor.

We also called two other companies who actually came out to our house. Their bids came in at $6,500 and $8,000 each. Why such a huge difference? Especially with the landscaping companies who didn’t even come out to the location?

Through this experience I have learned that you ALWAYS have a landscaping company come out to you to give you the bid. Nothing should be done over the phone.

We obviously went with the lower bid of $6,500 which included grading the entire yard, laying down top soil as well as laying beauty rock down our driveway and in the ditch out by the street. It took one full day to grade, lay the dirt and rocks and then a few hours the next day to spray the entire yard with grass seed.

The cost don’t stop there! Why? Because when you have a new yard put in you have to keep the grass seed moist. Therefore, we had to purchase hoses and more hoses and sprinkler heads. We bought everything needed to keep our half acre lot moist with water. This allowed the grass seed to start growing within 7 days.

Even after the added cost of the sprinklers and sprinkler heads the costs do not stop there. Now we needed to buy fertilizer and buy enough for our half acre yard. We were told to put a fertilizer called Triple 16, it actually says 16 16 16 on the bag which is a specific blend of fertilizer we needed for the new grass. Those bags can get expensive, so its no wonder why landscaping companies charge so much. Its hard to imagine that they make much money on their fertilizing jobs.

After it was all said and done, our new landscaped yard probably cost us close to $8,000. I don’t even want to think how much more we would have spent had we gone with the first landscaping company we called.

Always call around before setting your mind on one company. I know Jesse with Spokane Landscaping will actually take the time to drive out to your house and give you a true ‘free’ bid. Its always good to talk to someone who comes out and looks at your property. You can also give them ideas of what you want and find out what the different cost of doing the project would be. Spokane Landscaping is a great company located right in Spokane, WA. They will save you money on your large landscape jobs. I know they also service commercial buildings, but they are not too busy to help the ‘smaller residential client’.

Another way of determining if a landscaping company is good is by looking up their reviews online (here is Spokane Landscaping’s reviews). If they don’t have any, then find another company. You don’t want to be their ‘test subject’ and you don’t want to ‘hope’ they will work out for you.

If you are looking to save money on your next landscaping job then I highly recommend you call or at least contact this company:

Spokane Landscaping

2504 W Smythe Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
(509) 977-4841
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